Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

In case you find dissatisfaction with our services let us know what problems you faced during your services period. This will help us to improve our process and provide high satisfaction to our clients. To stop your services from you need to follow a simple procedure by this you can ensure cancellation of your services.

Our Refund Policy has time restrictions we only refund service fees when you cancel the services by following a proper procedure at a mentioned time. You the allotted cancelation time passes will not be liable to refund the service amount.

As per services if you ask for turning off your service within mentioned time frame, we will make your payment of the services.

Billing policy

All products purchased from CLOUD99 will automatically renew every month until cancelled by the user and Cancellations must be submitted 10 days prior to the renewal date. The payment method you use to purchase the server will be charged automatically when a renewal invoice is generated, 10 days prior to the due date to ensure that any billing issues are worked out and do not cause service interruption. Automatic payments can be disabled at any time by opening a ticket with billing.

Right date of transaction

We provide time to time notifications about the date of transactions made by you to us. Clarification regarding the date of service occupied or renewed by the user is notified on the registered email id. We follow agreement terms. For security purpose or due to unacceptable circumstances we have right of cancellation of any service at any time and we will refund the fee according to the policies of Cloud99. A Client has to submit a proper written service cancellation request to the billing division by using the billing portal or ticket. This request will only be accepted by mail having official or registered email ID. You need to mention the whole configuration of the services you purchased from us that you want to stop.

24 Hours Money Back Guarantee (Refund Policy)

All the new buyers of Cloud99, get the advantage of 24 Hours Money Back Guarantee if you request us for refund. This policy is holly made for new users or buyers who have never purchased services from us before. If a client has occupied the services before and used our services to the fullest without facing any issues, we wont we liable to refund you for your services. In Addition, if there is consumption of bandwidth in first 1 month of hosting service then you are not entitled for refund policy. Last but not least, special cloud services are not entitled in this refund policy and cloud99 hold this right of refuse to refund the money of some services.

SLA – Service Level Agreement

1. Coverage; Definitions This SLA applies to only clients who have purchased Services from Cloud99, (the "Company") and your account is current (i.e., not pastdue).

2. Service Level a Goal: Cloud99 is a Cloud Provider. Our goal is to provide the most redundant and reliable cloud services to our client's and resolve any issues that a client may come across with his server(s) services. We can only guarantee resolution for issues in which we have necessary experience or training. Some of them are mentioned below: Issues: Cloud99 provides support for Server Migrations, Sever Audits, load balancing, Fail-over Solutions, Cluster, Services.

If a client abuses our support policies which causes degradation of level of support for other customers due to the frequency and nature of their own requests, Cloud99 may be required to give the abusive customers a lower level of priority in the support queue and or require payment to troubleshoot specific issues.

Request for Credit for a breach of this service level agreement, clients must request by emailing us at

The Request should include Client's domain name, registered email ID, the date & time(s) of breach of the service level agreement, and it should be submitted by an authorized contact on the billing account. Credit Request submitted takes about 10 Business days to approve from the financial and support department and once approved, it will be applied to the next billing cycle. Credits are not refundable and cannot be encashed.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, amount credit to the client in a particular month under this service level agreement shall not exceed the amount paid by the client. Credit excludes all taxes charged to Client's and are Client's exclusive solution in respect with failure of Client services.

1. Service Availability

Cloud99 guarantees an uptime of 95.99% for the provided cloud services, measured on a monthly basis. Service availability is defined as the percentage of time that the cloud infrastructure is operational and accessible to the Customer.

2. Data Security and Privacy

Cloud99 is committed to maintaining the highest level of data security and privacy for the Customer's data. All data stored and processed within Cloud99's infrastructure will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Cloud99 shall comply with all applicable data protection laws and regulations.

3. Data Backup and Recovery

Cloud99 is not liable to perform regular backups of the Customer's data you can ask us to get a backup solution. In the event of data loss due to system failure or any other unforeseen incident, Cloud99 will make no efforts to restore the data as possible.

4. Scalability and Performance

Cloud99 will continually monitor the performance of its infrastructure to ensure optimal scalability and responsiveness. The infrastructure will be designed to accommodate the growth and changing needs of the Customer's applications and workloads.

5. Maintenance and Downtime

Maintenance and Downtime Scheduled maintenance activities that may impact service availability will be communicated to the Customer at least 48 hours in advance, except in cases of emergency maintenance. Cloud99 will make all reasonable efforts to minimize the impact of planned maintenance on service availability.

6. Network and Hardware

Cloud99 will maintain a robust and redundant network infrastructure to ensure stability and reliability. Redundant hardware components will be employed to minimize the risk of hardware failures.

7. Termination of Services

The Customer may terminate the cloud services provided by Cloud99 at any time by providing mail to In the event of termination, the Customer is responsible for data migration or retrieval.

Acceptable Use Policy

Sometimes clients thinks to share their data. Our Privacy Policy will help you to know why we request some information from our clients. This policy defines how we Cloud99 uses a clients personal information and here are security guidelines that we follow for our clients.

Use of Information

Basic information’s such as name, email, address and contact number are requested by us which is used to generate a client’s invoices and also to deliver the service to the exact customer. We utilize this to cater the needs and requirement for our customers.


If you visit any other link that redirects you to some other website the privacy policy will be different and your data will be governed by their request and not ours. We recommend you to read their privacy policy before providing any important data to them (third party).

Payment Security

Security is one of priority for us when it comes to protection of our client’s data. While talking about security payment methods and gateways are addressed and hence cloud99 do not store our client’s confidential details such as credit and debit card details. You should check the privacy policy of the payment gateway well before making any payments.

Data Retention

We retain your data till you are with us. We only look out for your data when it comes to the legal obligations and agreements.


According to our privacy policy you can stop receiving mails from our side by going to your accounts and updating the notification section.